JBIT place substantial value on partnerships formed with high calibre IT candidates.
You will not be just a name found via a database search. You will be valued and supported within an extensive network of high profile clients who sit across a variety of industries including but not limited to Oil and Gas, Retail, Health, Manufacturing, Logistics, Gaming, Financial Services, and Utilities.

Contract work

We provide a level of customer service that continually exceeds expectation. From your very first contract engagement with us through to managing your entire contracting experience, we are committed to making your life easier.

In addition to being recognised as a top performer, you will be invited to join our TopTalent Program where the world is yours to seize.

Click her to connect with Annette Scott our Contractor Manager. Annette has been with us for in excess of 12 years with a total commitment to your contract experience.

Permanent employment opportunities

It provides us with enormous satisfaction to know that we are assisting our candidates on their permanent career journey.

You will receive not only our expertise but our genuine commitment to assist you along your career pathway.

Navigate our Career Investment Program for further information