Your level of presentation is imperative and creates a lasting impression on your interviewer. The aim of work attire is to present an image that is both professional and suitable to the organisation’s culture. Your presentation should not detract from your standard of work and should be in tune with the attention you wish to seek.

Your personal hygiene also reflects the amount of pride and care you take in your appearance. A lax attitude towards anything but a high standard will give the impression you are unable to maintain an acceptable level. Poor hygiene also risks causing offence to the interviewer and colleagues who may then overlook you for a more appealing candidate. Your appearance should always be neat, tidy and professional.

Body Language

Body language is a key indicator to an interviewer, revealing your hidden feelings and attitude. Your voice and the tone you use, along with your body movements and facial expressions, are signals to an interviewer that convey a stronger message than the words you are delivering. The way you smile, hold your posture and deliver speech will determine your personality type and enthusiasm. Be conscious of the impressions you are generating. Demonstrate competency and confidence by maintaining eye contact and keeping your body language open, letting your interviewer lead the interaction.

Verbal Communication

Outstanding verbal communication is essential during an interview. The key is to listen carefully to the interviewer; without a clear understanding of their questions, you will not be able to respond appropriately. Be clear in your expression and know what you want to say. The emotional clues, tone and manner of your communication will be better understood if your delivery is engaging.

Initial Greeting

The initial greeting is an opportunity to build a rapport with your interviewer. Being confident and open towards the interviewer will create a positive first impression, which is likely to remain throughout the interview. Being punctual will exhibit your respect, a firm handshake will demonstrate commitment and confidence, and eye contact will reveal your integrity.