What is the Outplacement Training Program

The retrenchment process is tough for all concerned and requires sensitivity and expert assistance. This is why our ‘Outplacement Training Program’ offers immediate support to both the Employer and the Employee.

The ‘OTP’ is an interactive program focused within the IT & Project Delivery disciplines and is designed to teach and deliver measurable improvement for winning that new job or targeted opportunity.

Our program uncovers the mystique surrounding the IT recruitment industry, providing participants with critical and essential learnings required to secure a new career opportunity.

Employer Benefits

By offering an Outplacement Training Program with a dedicated focus on the Information Technology domain, your staff will recognise that you have taken the time to appreciate their specialisation of skill and future employment.

Staff will be more likely to recommend your organisation as a worthy place to work

There will be less threat to the self-esteem of the individual concerned

Your organisation will experience less erosion of productivity, morale and the sense of security held by remaining employees.

Public perception of your organisation is less likely to be adversely affected

Program Focus

The focus of the ‘OTP’ is to take a deep dive into the key areas that are proven to be crucial in a successful recruitment outcome.

Each session topic has been developed to provide attendees with greater understanding of what is required to achieve a successful outcome and a new career opportunity.

  • The first 8 seconds (understanding the first impression you create)
  • Plan and understand the recruitment process
  • Career transition options
  • Resume preparation / Online image / Tools to use
  • Interview coaching
  • Job offer negotiation

The Delivery

The program is delivered over three successive days of interactive and engaging face to face workshops.

The program has been developed and is delivered by our recruitment specialists and guest presenters who are trained professionals and industry experts. Our team know exactly what is required to ensure you attract the right attention to gain an interview and leave a positive impression.

Teaching the skills that will lead to a successful outcome.


For more information and a pricing guide please contact [email protected] with the subject line ‘Outplacement Training Program’