How to productively work from home

6 tips to own your day and stay productive while working from home 


Set a schedule and share it with everyone you know It is sometimes easy for friends and family to think when you’re working from home that they can call or text you and you will have the freedom to respond. By creating a schedule and sharing it with your network you will remove this confusion.


Turn off notifications Turning off alerts on your computer and phone will greatly improve your ability to focus.


Schedule breaks Your calendar may be full of tasks, calls, meetings, deadlines, but it also should include scheduled break periods. Every 120 minutes you should be scheduling a 5-10 minute break, some light stretching or a quick stroll around the block will do wonders for your productivity and mental clarity.


Tidy up once a week While it might sound odd, your work space will be more productive when it looks more productive.


Socialise with Colleagues Video chat is a great substitute for a phone call and will heighten your engagement with colleagues. Organise virtual team meetings and socialise via chats when appropriate.


See your home office as a competitive advantage Leverage the convenience and efficiency of a home office to improve your responsiveness and agility.


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